Thursday, September 28, 2006

This pretty much describes my job as a software developer, though I quite look forward to my "free" pizza when we finally meet a deadline!

Good Agile - Bad Agile

And I quote:

Back in Ye Olden Dayes, most companies approached software development as follows:

- hire a bunch of engineers, then hire more.
- dream up a project.
- set a date for when they want it launched.
- put some engineers on it.
- whip them until they're either dead or it's launched. or both.
- throw a cheap-ass pathetic little party, maybe. This step is optional.
- then start over.

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Steve Wood said...

So very true. If that was modelled on the company I work for you would need to include the following extra steps.

1) Panic when the deadline is approaching and start recruiting more developers.
2) De-scope some of the features when the deadline is definitely not going to be met in a vain effort to bring it under control.
3) Start enforced overtime with little benefits to meet the target date.

Grim but very true.