Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Open House....

We went to an open house at the weekend around the corner from us. We like to keep an eye on the "competition" so to speak, to get an indication of what we need to do to our house to make it sellable. I originally thought this house was bigger than ours, as it's square, whereas ours has little sticky-out bits. Inside the house was incredibly tiny. The kitchen was the size of a small bathroom, and the bedrooms were boxes! The owners must be retired smokers as the furniture was at least 40 years old and the house had that horrible stale smell you can never get rid off. I first thought that maybe the owner(s) died. I know that's quite horrible to say, but anyone seriously trying to sell a house would try hard to remove the smell. Another reason for my thinking was the low price - other house (albeit) slightly bigger are listed between 240 and 260. It was listed at around CAN$225,000, which means there's hope for us yet.

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