Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Trac, oh Trac!

We've been investigating bug trackers and project management tools at work recently and it looks like we're going to settle on Trac. It's open source, is fairly minimalistic but should give us a starting point to develop some tools and plugins. I'm not sure it's the best option, as we'll lose a lot of useful functionality such as code coverage, requirement tracking et al, but it looks impressive as a starting point. More to follow!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"Home made books"

Someone pointed me to two sites for creating your own books/calendars etc.

Very interesting!

Emma - demon rider!

Apr 13 08 (2), originally uploaded by crivens.

My little demon rider! This is a few months old from April, but before too long, Emma will have a driver's license!

A few more thoughts on Ubuntu Linux.

I installed four email clients:

Evolution - slow and feels bloated
Thunderbird - I normally use this under Windows, so I should probably find a way to use the same profile on both platforms
Sylpheed - seems quick and has the basics down
Balsa - again seems quick and has the basics down except it relies on external address books. The FAQ specifically mentions Gnome Card, which doesn't seem to exist anymore

I also have three browsers installed:

Firefox 3 - the newest kid on the block
Epiphany - the "standard" Gnome browser, nice and quick except that you can't drop the address bar down. So you have to use bookmarks or type a lot
Galeon - the original Gnome browser? Anyway, it feels slower than Epiphany by quite a bit and you can drop the address bar down to pick a site you recently visited

I really shouldn't install so many apps! I should save my time and energy and just stick with Firefox and Thunderbird. Though on Windows I prefer Opera as it has an optional home page with a grid of nine fast access bookmarks. What the heck do they call it again? Oh yes, Speed Dial. Nice feature!
Someone sent me this in an email today:

"So, someone found an error on a recently published Web page here. It read, "you'll receive notice within 30 gays". Can you find the error? lol"

Oh I chuckled heartily over this one. I almost spat out my cheese, ham & mustard sandwich!

Monday, July 28, 2008

I have Ubuntu running nicely on my PC and the new screen and it looks good! My PC isn't great under Linux, as it seems to drag its heels at times. Though it's not a new PC, it's not that old!

I must say the combination of the wide screen, Drivel (for posting to my blog), Epiphany (browser) and other Gnome/Linux apps is actually quite nice. Audio under Ubuntu (and implicitly other Linux distrubutions) is rather embarrassing given how long Linux and Gnome have been around. I use Native Instrument's Guitar Rig 2, with a USB device for audio and MIDI input & output. It works just fine.. well almost. I can only use one audio app at a time. For example, if I'm listening to music I can't get any audio notifications from Gnome. Not a big deal, but this isn't 1980 any more people!

I think there's another (not another one!) new audio system called PulseAudio but I have no idea if GR2 works with it.
My old monitor died last week so I bought a Samsung Syncmaster 2232BW 22" LCD today. Upgrading from my old 17" CRT to this is just beautiful! I'm running at some insanely resolution and it's amazing how much desktop real estate I have! I haven't tried running any games yet, mostly I've been fiddling with Ubuntu Linux.
I got a new debit card at the weekend to replace the old one that was damaged and unreliable. The guy that helped me is older, works part-time as he's close to retirement and is about as useful as a chocolate teapot. He forgot to tell me to reset my PIN so I couldn't use my card. Then I had to spend 10 minutes on the phone to customer service answering several security just so he could reset the PIN.

I tried to log into my account tonight to pay some bills and the idiot forgot to setup internet banking on the card. So I'll have to waste time tomorrow night doing just that.

For god's sake man, retire already!