Sunday, March 18, 2007

We went to three open houses today mostly for fun. I think we'd love to move into a slightly bigger house but we don't have the money. The first house we saw was wonderful; it's much bigger than ours (almost twice the size?) but still three bedrooms. It needed new windows and a new roof, but the floor plan was good. It was on a street we've always liked and was listed for about CAN$320,000. The second and third houses were disappointing; they looked decent online but they were both on high traffic streets and disappointing inside. I know our house needs a lot of work but the core layout and features are solid. We just need to win the lottery now!
We're thinking of picking up a cheap digital camera for around CAN$200. We've missed so many cute "pictures' when we're out and about with Emma that we could carry around a slim digital camera. It would need to have a fast startup time and be solidly built. I've found the following on Best Buy's website:

Photosmart R725 6.2MP Digital Camera - CAN$189.95
Canon PowerShot A460 Digital Camera - CAN$169.99
Kodak C653 6.1MP Digital Camera - CAN$143.99
Kodak EasyShare C743 7.1MP Digital Camera - CAN$169.99
Sony Cybershot DSCS650 7.2MP Digital Still Camera - CAN$179.99

Any recommendations?


So far the candidates are Canon's A460 and Sony's W30. They're both around $190 and both get good reviews. The downside to the Sony is that it uses Sony's proprietary and probably more expensive memory stick. By the sounds of it the A460 is better than the DC10 DVD camcorder we bought last year.