Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I installed the beta of Safari for Windows out of pure curiousity. It's a weird feeling! I wish Apple would release OSX for Intel PCs; I'd blow XP away in an instant. Or at least relegate it to dual boot for games. So far Safari is decent - I'm not seeing the raw performance that some people claim. My main complaint is that CTRL+BACKSPACE doesn't delete the previous word when typing this post. So far all sites I've visited looked good, though very reminiscent of Konqueror, which uses the same KHTML rendering engine. It failed to import my Firefox bookmarks, but I'll try that again. Let's see how it goes!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Yes Steve, Stodge Rock lives on. Rock On!

I listen to the radio every morning and afternoon, to and from work. I usually swap between the various rock radio stations here in Ottawa. I've long since grown tired of the same old songs they play. We have two cars; I drive the older one, which only has a radio/cassette player so no CD for me! I'm programming some Java right now, while performing a quick job search and I'm listening to some old CDs. I'm firmly stuck in realm of 80s rock/metal. I'm currently listening to John Norum's "Total Control". Awesome stuff! He was the original guitaris for Europe, during their "Final Countdown" period.

Yes Steve, Stodge Rock lives on. Rock On!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

The hardest part of being a parent (in my opinion) is suffering through your little one being sick. I can't imagine how hard it must be to parent a child with say cancer, or any other life threatening illness.

The little one was sick for the past few days. She was teething - sprouting molars. Typically when she teethed she salivated a lot, was tired, cough and sneezed and that was mostly it. But the past few days were rough on her. She was obviously in pain as she was unconsolable at times; she had no appetite and refused everything we put in front of her bar three or four mouthfuls of watermelon. She was incredibly tired and upset and at times it was all she could do to lie there and watch her Einstein video. Oh and she also had a fever; nothing critical but enough that we were worried.

She three up Friday night - I think in our haste to make sure she was hydrated we probably gave her too much milk given her stomach was off. She threw up in her crib and then again as I was carrying her to the bathroom. I spent a wee while picking up curdled milk chunks (i.e. cottage cheese!) and undigested chunks of fruit out of the carpet!!

Extremely gross, but it'll make for a good story when she's old enough to understand! Anyway, she's much better today. She hardly slept last night but made up for it today and she's almost back to her usual self. We took her to the park this evening so she could enjoy the swing for a while. She was quite tired by 8pm despite her many hours of sleeping today, which means she's still catching up and will hopefully sleep through the night. We're all tired, especially Mrs Stodge, who kindly took the brunt of last night's troubles and woes. Tomorrow will be a brighter day!

To all those parents with sick kids; I have so many words I want to say to express my awe but none will come out.