Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I'm using Netbeans at home to refresh my Java programming skills. I took two courses in Calgary a few years ago, but I haven't really used it in anger since. So I installed Netbeans and starting working on a secret (aren't they all?) project. I'm enjoying Java quite a bit. It's a Swing application so I'm using and liking Matisse, which is the GUI RAD tool in Netbeans. I recently discovered that I can add getters and setter automatically using "Encapsulate Fields" in Netbeans. I also discovered that I could click on a variable or parameter in the source editor and use the rename refactoring tool to, you guessed, it rename all occurences of that variable or parameter. Quite amazing! In the past I'd spend ages renaming variables or classes. Now it's there at the click of a button! Amazing! That's what being a developer should be about. The tool should help me, not hinder me. I love it!
Referring back to an older post I made, the little one took quite the tumble last night. When she's tired she's very unstable on her feet, so running while tired is a recipe for disaster. She lost it on the hardwood and landed on her nose. Yes, her nose! It didn't look like anything was broken and she stopped screaming within a few minutes and was more like her normal self.

We took her to hospital out of precaution and they basically agreed that nothing looked broken. It was a really busy night at CHEO but luckily they fast-tracked us up the waiting list. I guess given she's 14 months with a possible broken noise they wanted to see her. The Doctor examined her and answered all our questions. She gave us some good information and was happy to briefly play with Emma for a minute or two while she talked to us. She examined Emma's skull, nose and face in general to make sure nothing was cracked or broken. Clean bill of health! Surprisingly, Emma didn't show any signs of apprehension after the fall while scooting round the living room. We'd learned our lesson and stuck closer to her when she got tired tonight. Especially when I caught her literally running across the room. "You're not meant to do that yet! You're only 14 months old!!" God I love my little angel!

For me, our time in the hospital was more traumatic than the accident. One poor 13 year old boy had hit his head while playing soccer and had no memory of it. Mrs S. said they asked him questions and after a short while he would forget they'd asked him.

Another little boy had broken a bone in his leg and they must have reset it while we waited in the corridor outside. Listening to his screams was somewhat disturbing. All things we'll have to expect and prepare for I guess.

I'm not sure my heart has recovered from the experience. Her fall was mostly my fault; Mrs. S. was on the phone and I had just turned round to get a clean diaper. It broke my heart to hear her scream so and to see the distress she was in. I gave her lots of hugs and kisses and walked around with her in my arms while I examined her nose and face. After a short while she calmed down and I breathed a huge sigh of relief.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Currently listening to....

"Seventh Star" by Black Sabbath, featuring Tony Iommi. Despite Glenn Hughes' awful beard! Great voice though.

Wonder what's next on my list?