Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A few more thoughts on Ubuntu Linux.

I installed four email clients:

Evolution - slow and feels bloated
Thunderbird - I normally use this under Windows, so I should probably find a way to use the same profile on both platforms
Sylpheed - seems quick and has the basics down
Balsa - again seems quick and has the basics down except it relies on external address books. The FAQ specifically mentions Gnome Card, which doesn't seem to exist anymore

I also have three browsers installed:

Firefox 3 - the newest kid on the block
Epiphany - the "standard" Gnome browser, nice and quick except that you can't drop the address bar down. So you have to use bookmarks or type a lot
Galeon - the original Gnome browser? Anyway, it feels slower than Epiphany by quite a bit and you can drop the address bar down to pick a site you recently visited

I really shouldn't install so many apps! I should save my time and energy and just stick with Firefox and Thunderbird. Though on Windows I prefer Opera as it has an optional home page with a grid of nine fast access bookmarks. What the heck do they call it again? Oh yes, Speed Dial. Nice feature!

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