Saturday, August 25, 2007

I just ordered one of these puppies:

Guitar Rig 2 @ Tom Lee Music, Vancouver


Unfortunately it's on back order so it'll take a few weeks. Hopefully not too many!


Mike said...

Guitar Rig 2 is finally winging it's way across the country.

And what did I learn today? Guitar Rig 3 was just released today! Great! Almost four weeks after I ordered version 2, version 3 comes out! Doh!

Mike said...

Woohoo! Got it! Installed it, tested it out and it works just beautifully. My guitar must have zero grounding as there's lots of crackle (always has been) but it's a superb product! Love it!


Mike said...

I can already hear the benefits; the audio interface is USB2, whereas my old M-Audio Fast Track (which is for sale) was USB1. The guitar amps and FX are amazing.