Thursday, May 10, 2007

Reaper / FruityLoops and music. Metal!

I recently bought an M-Audio USB Fast Track device to connect my electric guitar to my computer. I also bought FruityLoops, or rather my brother bought it for me for Christmas and I upgraded it to the Producer edition.

Since then I discovered an amazing shareware product called Reaper, which is another Digital Audio Workstation, or so they call themselves. It's extremely cheap, developed by (I think) the guy who wrote or worked on WinAmp and it's feature list is incredible.

This is my first attempt at recording with Reaper:

First Guitar Attempt

Ignore my dreadful attempts at being a guitar virtuoso and forgive the fact I still live in the 80s!


Here's some more:


Steve Wood said...

You should get yourself Guitar Hero for either the PS2/Xbox360. Within 15 minutes of playing I sounded like a rock legend!

I have a great package for my Mac called GarageBand which allows you to connect external instruments like keyboards and guitars etc. and then sequence the music with other sound samples and loops. Very cool and probably similar to what you have.

Mike said...

I played with GarageBand on my brother's Mac a while ago. It was pretty amazing for the price. You should hear it with Guitar Rig 2!

Mike said...

Though when you see this I wonder why I bother!!!