Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I installed the beta of Safari for Windows out of pure curiousity. It's a weird feeling! I wish Apple would release OSX for Intel PCs; I'd blow XP away in an instant. Or at least relegate it to dual boot for games. So far Safari is decent - I'm not seeing the raw performance that some people claim. My main complaint is that CTRL+BACKSPACE doesn't delete the previous word when typing this post. So far all sites I've visited looked good, though very reminiscent of Konqueror, which uses the same KHTML rendering engine. It failed to import my Firefox bookmarks, but I'll try that again. Let's see how it goes!


JeffM said...

Ello mister!

Just checking out your blog here ... some very interesting bits :)

I actually *like* XP. Since we make games, it's the best and most straightforward gaming platform to produce for.

However, when I see those Apple adverts (with the annoying people yakking on about their petty one-upmanships) I wonder why the advertisers don't just go for the jugular and cut the crap. It would take one word for the annoyingly chirpy Mac guy to win the argument ... just one word ... Vista.

Mike said...

Hey Jeff, welcome!

I agree for gaming XP is the way to go. Though you are largely reliant on graphics card drivers.

I love those Apple commercials; the two actors work well together and the scripts make me chuckle. It's almost good humoured finger pointing, maybe to avoid an all out fight. I don't know.

I remember reading a post somewhere to the effect that Apple is guilty of the things it mocks Microsoft for. I think I read somewhere that OSX includes numerous trial pieces of software; so much for bloated PC!

I can't comment on Vista - I haven't used it and I'm not likely to. XP is slowly getting slower the more I install, so at some point I'll re-install it and avoid Vista until I can afford to buy a Mac. I'm mostly doing development an music stuff at home these days anyway. I seem to be going through a dry games spell since I overplayed Winning Eleven 8. I have a ton of games waiting to play, all bought off the budget/used shelves, but I just don't find the energy or time.

What was I talking about again????

Mike said...

Another quick comment. I've stopped using Safari. It tries too hard to not be a Windows app that I can't use it anymore.

It won't minimise if I click it's icon on the panel. If I view my desktop (minimise all windows), Safari insists on popping up again when it clearly shouldn't. Also, the lack of support for CTRL-BACKSPACE is too annoying with teh (gotcha!) number of typos I make.

Oh and it wouldn't import my Firefox bookmarks. So I'm using Opera again though I'm about to switch back again to Firefox; Opera keeps screwing up the font rendering when I scroll a page. It's as though it hasn't quite drawn the whole font in the correct place, so one line of pixels is out of place. This happens on two different computers; oh well!

Steve Wood said...

I love Safari on the Mac. It is perfect for my needs. Uncluttered, fast and very user friendly. I just can't say the same for the new Windows version. Like you said Mike, it's trying too hard not to be a Windows app that it almost makes me cringe to use. It's also very buggy and it is very apparent that it's still only a beta version.

I think will keep Firefox on my work's XP machine until they improve things a little more.

Mike said...

I use Opera at work and for the time being, at home too. It's quick and easy to use, though it has problems with some sites and some media content. It also doesn't redraw some fonts properly when I scroll the page. Still, it's worth taking a look at it.

You're probably right; Firefox is the way to go at the moment.