Sunday, December 21, 2008

We took Emma to see The Tale of Despereaux the other night. She's just over 2.5 years old and I think this was the first movie I've seen at the theatre since she was born. This was also our first movie out as a family! So I was quite excited, actually very excited. I was nervous how she would fare; I didn't think she'd sit still through the whole movie.

She did very well though. She wasn't quite heavy enough to keep the seat from flipping up - it was the kind that automatically fold up when you stand up. So I sat with my knee resting on the corner to keep it down as best as I could.

I think the film was 2 hours long but she didn't start getting utchity until after about 90 minutes. Mrs. S took her to the bathroom and after that she sat through the rest of the film. She really quite enjoyed the experience though she did think it was too loud. I would agree!

Despite wall placques announcing the theatre's dedication to perfection; this quote is from their site:

Continuing on our long-standing tradition of offering "World Class" movie-going experiences

When the film started, the top three feet of the picture were visible at the bottom of the screen. I informed an employee and eventually they re-aligned the picture. Part way through the film, it suddenly went off and the lights came on. Again I talked to an employee and was told it was being investigated. Not exactly a great experience for my first movie in a long time! Still I can't wait for the next family trip, though the cost of CAN$50 is a killer including snacks!! Ouch!

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RichE said...

Amazing who you run into on OSnews, I agree about cinema's they're too over prices for todays quality of viewing standards that we expect.