Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Alas Portugal, I knew him well!

Oho, the tables have turned! I had a quick game of Winning Eleven 8 last night and I was two goals up within two minutes. It seems my fancy footwork and accurate passing dazzled them enough that when I was in front of goal, their goalie forgot what he was doing! My tactics worked quite well; normally they would run rings around me with their accurate passing, but this time I held defenders back and let them come to me, rather than have my players chase them around the field.

By 40 minutes into the first half, I was 6-0 up with some beautiful goals scored by my forwards. In case you were wondering, I was playing England again. Rooney and Owen were simply outstanding, and Owen's little side-step to score in the box was so impressive, I wasn't sure it was my fingers on the keyboard!

I think it might be time to crank up the difficulty notch a level.

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