Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Please, don't make me use Vista again!!

I bought my wife a Lenovo T500 laptop that came pre-loaded with Vista.

Oh my. Pass me my razor, load my pistol and noose my rope. Good lord - I think Microsoft finally managed to make the worst OS in the history of makind. After using it for one hour I was wishing I had dug into the line of credit and bought her a Macbook Pro instead. I simply cannot describe how awful I think Vista is. How could anyone at Microsoft think Vista was a good idea? It left me scratching my head so many times, trying to work out how to use it. Took me 10 minutes to change the workgroup. Took me 5 minutes to install a printer. I still haven't found the IE bookmark menu, though that might be because Lenovo have installed the Google toolbar. And if I had $100 for everytime the laptop had to be rebooted because a setting changed, or a piece of s/w was installed (even when I wasn't installing anything!) I'd be rich enough to buy my new house with cash. I lost count of the number of times I had to reboot. "You moved the mouse, do you want to reboot now or later?". "You looked at the screen, do you want to reboot now or later?". "I see you want to make a cup of tea. Should I reboot while you're making it? I'd offer to make it for you but, well, I'm not a Mac am I??".

Sheesh. Please, don't make me use Vista again!!!!! No please, I beg you!

And that doesn't even begin to describe how ugly I think Vista's user interface is.

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