Monday, September 22, 2008

Cloud computing and browsers - random rants

Call me crazy but there has to be a point at which we say "STOP!". I don't want another company hosting my personal data. I use GMail because the interface is, well ugly. Ok, I use it because it doesn't throws ads in my face and it's quick and dirty. But I don't like the concept of always being on. I only recently hooked my PS3 to the internet; though the expectation is there nowadays that we're all connected 24/7. I don't want to be!

I have a crappy, simple cell phone. I rarely turn it on and I only use it for emergencies. I don't want to browse or send mail with my cellphone. I don't want to live in a browser - browsers are annoying, they take up a lot of memory, they're often unstable, the root of many insecurities and they run like crap when you visit content heavy sites.

Oh yes, I hate content heavy sites. That was something that was bugging me recently. Visiting content heavy sites is like running Vista on a 8086. Why??

What else? Ah yes - wtf is a cloud anyway? I must be losing my geekiness or else I'm tired of marketing speak, but cloud? A cloud is moisture, no? It disappears, it vanishes, it's not solid, you can't walk on it, land on it or rely on it. So why call it cloud computing? Cloud cuckoo land methinks. Isn't cloud computing and the web 3.0 (sorry did I blink and miss 2.0?) just another fancy name for thin clients? What's old is new and what's new is the same old thing with a new fancy name to make investors think it's s**t hot and worth billions?

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