Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Winning Eleven 8 (PC) - realism saves the day

I'm addicted to Winning Eleven 8 at the moment. I've lost count of the number of games I've played recently, but so far I've only lost a handful on one of the easier settings. Ok, I know I'm cheating by keeping it at a lower setting, but I'm using the keyboard, ok! My fingers get confused when I'm trying to perform some key or move combinations. I'm just too old for this fast reflex thing now!

What do I love most about this game? Apart from the fact I CAN win, I love the realism. Some of my moves and goals were realistic; I gave up an own goal when my defender and keeper got confused. My opponent gave up an own goal when his retreating defender accidentally headed the ball into his own net.

One powerful shot hit the post and travelled parallel to the goal line before spinning out for a corner. Now that was cool!

It's the main reason I keep playing the game. My only real stubborn opponent is Portugal. I wonder if the developers were Portugese or were fans of the country?

Check it out; I highly recommend it!

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