Thursday, February 15, 2007

"Blackberry Owners Chained to Work"?

The title is for an article on ArsTechnica:

Blackberry Owners Chained to Work

Well duh! Take my manager, for example. No, I mean, take him please! Just kidding. His blackberry is surgically attached to his hip. Either that or he has it set to buzz for kicks. This is one of the reasons I refuse to get one - I don't want to be available 24/7. I value my family life too much. My thinking is, if you get a blackberry for work and make yourself available 24/7 then you only have yourself to blame if your family life and health suffer.

Do you REALLY need to be available 24/7? And do you REALLY need to be reachable everywhere you go? I'm sure people take them on holiday. Me, I'd much rather be sitting reading a good book than sending work emails or reading how everyone's stressed and having a bad day!

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