Monday, November 20, 2006

We used to mock Scousers for their overuse of the word "like". "Are you startin' like??". We didn't really need to mock them as Harry Enfield did that for us. But it's more prevalent over here in North America than it probably ever used to be in Liverpool. So when someone says:

"There were like 30 people in line.."

What do you really mean? You thought there were 30 people in the line but you couldn't tell? There were 30 people in the line? There were roughly 10 or so?

Sometimes the smallest things bug me; if there were 30 people in the line, then say "there were 30 people in the line". Don't use the word "like"! It's like, so annoying!!!! :)

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Steve Lamb said...

Caaam down Caaam down!