Monday, October 02, 2006

I noticed Volvo have a new model; the C30. For those that remember, it looks to be the modern equivalent of the 480ES, which I used to own. My 480 was quite the dog mechanically, it wasn't particularly fast, but I loved it all the same. No doubt 99% of people will say the 480 was an old fart's car and wouldn't dream of owning one. The C30 may well be a different story.

Volvo C30


Steven Wood said...

I remember your 480ES. I think we used to call it your "wedge of cheese" :-)

A good car no doubt but yes Volvo back then had the stigma of being old mens cars. Boxy but good was the saying.

They have certainly changed for the better over the past few years and that C30 looks very nice.

Mike said...

Ah the old wedge of cheese! I'd forgotten its nickname.