Wednesday, October 19, 2005

OSX Jealousy!

My dad just bought a Mac Laptop. It's our first step at escaping from the hell-hole that is Windows & Microsoft. He's not particularily computer literate, and providing support from the other side of the Atlantic is very difficult.

He was getting tired of suffering viruses and worms thanks to Microsoft, so my brother (an ardent Mac fan) and I gently persuaded him to buy a laptop.

Hopefully he'll see the benefits very soon.

So I'm VERY jealous to say the least! My brother uses a meaty Mac for his graphics design business ( - plug!). I'm using Kubuntu Linux to avoid Microsoft as much as I can. If I could afford two new Macs, for my wife and I, I'd completely remove MIcrosoft from this house. But we have far too many other things we want to buy for the house.

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