Monday, July 15, 2002

Corporate Shenanigans
Do I even need to take a dig at this? I'm sure everyone who reads this can manage their own little witticism against companies like Worldcom, Xerox et al. I'm pretty sure it boils down to pure greed, but who really knows the whole story? Those that have taken the fifth.

Speaking of which, if I were a U.S. citizen and I was caught fiddling my taxes, could I plead fifth? Probably not; I'm not a rich corporate executive and hence I'm not above the law.

I read on the BBC news website the other day that a corporate exec (of a rather insignificant company in comparison to the North American giants) was sentenced to jail time and barred from holding a CEO-type position for something like ten years. This is a great idea, but totally useless if the defendant in question pleads the fifth. But then again, I presume that pleading the fifth doesn't really mean much if there's sufficient evidence against you anyway. Forgive my poor knowledge of the law; I'm not a lawyer and I what I know comes from watching Law & Order.

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